Set up Lisp on your Linux or Mac – Easily!

Note: This post is now 1.5 years old. It uses OS X 10.4, and so may be out of date :(

Common Lisp for Common Folk

Many people in the CS community might associate Lisp with a certain snobbishness or air of superiority.

This has nothing to do with the supposed “power” or “versatility” of the language, nor does it relate to “parse trees”, “macros”, and “code=data”. ┬áNo, the actual reason that Lisp is placed so high above the rest of us is that you have to be a Lisp-hacker just to figure out how to install Lisp on your computer.

So: Here are the simple steps required to install and use Common Lisp, spelled out for those of us who aren’t already Lisp-fluent. Continue reading